Single actions

You can specify Actions in a .bes file. This is the schema:

    <Title> xs:normalizedString </Title> [1]
        The name of the action.
    <Relevance> RelevanceString </Relevance> [1]
        The action will run only on computers for which the relevance
        expression evaluates to true.
    <ActionScript> ActionScript </ActionScript> [1]
    <SuccessCriteria> ActionSuccessCriteria </SuccessCriteria> [0..1]
    <Settings> ActionSettings </Settings> [0..1]
    <SettingsLocks> ActionSettingsLocks </SettingsLocks> [0..1]
    <SuccessCriteriaLocked> xs:boolean </SuccessCriteriaLocked> [0..1]
        If this element is present and set to true, then the action will have
        a success criteria that the user taking the action will not be able
        to change in the Take Action Dialog.
    <IsUrgent> xs:boolean </IsUrgent>
        This marks the action as urgent for client processing. It should
        be left out in most circumstances (defaults to false).