Multiple action groups

You can specify multiple action groups in a .bes file. This is the schema:

    <Title> xs:normalizedString </Title> [1]
    The name of the multiple action group.
    <PreGroupActionScript> ActionScript </PreGroupActionScript> [0..1]
        An action to run before all the member actions of the multiple
        action group; corresponds to the Pre-Execution Action Script
        tab of the Take Action Dialog when taking multiple actions.
    <MemberAction> [1..*]
        <Title> xs:normalizedString </Title> [1]
            The name of the member action.
        <Relevance> RelevanceString </Relevance> [1]
            The member action will run only on computers for which
            the relevance expression evaluates to true.
        <ActionScript> ActionScript </ActionScript> [1]
        <SuccessCriteria> ActionSuccessCriteria </SuccessCriteria> [0..1]
            A value of true for IncludeInGroupRelevance for a member
            action of a multiple action group means that the group
            as a whole is relevant if this member action’s
            relevance is true. Thus, if any of a group’s members
            that have IncludeInGroupRelevance set to true are relevant,
            then the group as a whole is relevant. If no members
            have IncludeInGroupRelevance set, then the group should be
            relevant on all computers, as long as the group’s top-level
            relevance is true.
    <PostGroupActionScript> ActionScript </PostGroupActionScript> [0..1]
        An action to run once all member actions have finished executing;
        corresponds to the Post-Execution Action Script when taking
        multiple actions.
    <Settings> ActionSettings </Settings> [0..1]
    <SettingsLocks> ActionSettingsLocks </SettingsLocks> [0..1]