Getting started

BigFix is a system-management suite of products that allows you to manage heterogeneous environments.

Such environments might already be personalized and can include proprietary data that is unknown to the default BigFix solution or to external applications that BigFix interacts with. In this case you must let BigFix know that these custom resources exist and instruct BigFix how to interact with them.

To help you implement these customizations, BigFix provides you with querying and scripting proprietary languages that are platform-independent, to a certain extent, and with APIs.

Using these languages and APIs you can:

Manage custom content defined on clients
To enforce custom policies, run commands to manage personalized content, and collect custom data and display it on the console.
Customize user interfaces
To create your personalized interface to implement, for example, your custom dashboards and reports.
Integrate with external applications
To interact with proprietary or third party applications located on the server or clients.