Other APIs

The following table lists the available APIs and gives you a few more details about them.

API Runs against Description Language / Interface Read / Write
REST API (Platform) BigFix Server Performs most tasks present in the Console via a standardized and operating system independent method Any Language / HTTPS Read / Write
SOAP API Web Reports XML based SOAP API for querying objects in Web Reports Session Relevance / SOAP Read
Dashboard API BigFix Console An interface to author own dashboard, and wizards, and to create customized views Session Relevance / - Read / Write
Explorer API BigFix Explorer A standalone service to query the data collected by the BigFix Platform using the Session Relevance Any Language / HTTPS Read
Web Reports API Relevance queries available in memory Provides an interface to author own custom reports Session Relevance / - Read
Server API BigFix Server Microsoft COM based API for creating Fixlets / Tasks / Properties / Actions / Analysis Any Language / Ms COM Write
Database API BigFix Database A published schema describing Views to the underlying tables containing all the information collected from managed endpoints and available in the database SQL / (ODBC, ADO, JDBC) Read
Client Compliance API BigFix Client Microsoft COM based API for exposing the results of a BigFix Client inspection to 3rd party clients running on the client system Client Relevance / Ms COM Read

Click on the API names listed in the navigation tree on the right to access all the information about that specific API. The REST API is described in a dedicated subtree.

Note: The only encoding format supported is UTF-8.