The BES API objects

Click an item in the list of objects in the Server API to get more details about that specific object:

  • XMLImporter: Use to import .bes files into the Tivoli BigFix console.
  • ActionStopper: Use to stop the specified action.
  • RetrievedProperty:Use to define and modify retrieved properties.
  • FixletMessage: Use to set and access Fixlets.
  • SiteManager: Use to create and assign rights to custom sites.
  • ActionSiteMasthead: Use to manage the mastheads for your custom sites.
  • SigningKeys: Use to manage sign-in security for the API under BigFix.

Click the following link to access the PDF copy of the BigFix API Reference Guide. In "The API Objects" Chapter you find the information about each object, its methods and properties.