Available APIs

BigFix provides you with a set of APIs that allows you to interact and customize your solution. The brown boxes in this graphic highlight the available BigFix APIs and where they fit into the BigFix topology:


The following list gives you a quick description of what each API allows you to do. Click the API name to access the section that contains all the information and resources available about that API.

Run the majority of tasks present in the console via a standardized and operating system independent method.
Query objects in the BES Web Reports using an XML based SOAP API.
Dashboard API
Author own dashboard, and wizards, and to create customize views.
Web Reports API
Author own custom reports.
Server API
Create Fixlets/Tasks/Properties/Actions/Analysis using Microsoft COM-based API.
Database API
A published schema describing Views to the underlying tables containing all the information collected from managed endpoints and available in the database.
Client Compliance API
Show the results of an BigFix Client inspection to 3rd-party clients running on the client system using a Microsoft COM-based API.