The Dashboard API

Dashboards, wizards and Web Reports are three different manifestations of the same underlying concept. The main differences are:

  • Dashboards: typically open in a document window and provide for easily updated views. They usually consist of a collection of tabular and graphical widgets that provide a condensed view of your network. Dashboards have the file extension of OJO.
  • Wizards: typically open in a stand-alone dialog window. They often have multiple pages to ease the user through a complicated installation or procedure. As for dashboards, also wizards have the file extension of OJO.
  • Web Reports: are similar to dashboards, but offer static web-facing views of your data. They have a file extension of BESWRPT.

Despite these differences, the interfaces are driven by the same fundamental language elements, referred to as the Dashboard API.

The Dashboard API allows you to author your own dashboards, granting you the power to create customized views into whatever aspect of your network you want to monitor.

You can create and edit custom dashboards using the Presentation Debugger.

Navigate this subtree about the Dashboard API to learn how Relevance language elements work within the Dashboard API, letting you analyze, aggregate, and visualize multiple facets of your networked clients.

You might also want to watch the following video explaining how to create and share dashboards.