This command executes an external script with the given name. This can be used to run a script created for a scripting language like JavaScript or Visual Basic.

The action containing the script keyword will terminate if the appropriate scripting engine is not installed or if the script cannot be executed. The next line of the action is not executed until the specified script terminates.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Windows


script <script-name>


Run the Visual Basic script attrib.vbs.

script attrib.vbs


This command is Windows-only. It will cause an action script to terminate on a Unix agent.

On a Windows computer, this command has the same effect as issuing a wscript "scriptName" statement from Windows using wscript.exe, and then waiting for completion. This is also the same as using scriptName from the Windows Run dialog.

If you need to pass parameters to your script, use the run command instead.