Client Commands

These commands can be used to control the behavior of the BigFix client.

action lock indefinite
Lock the client indefinitely.
action lock until
Lock the client until a specified date.
action log all
Log action commands and parameters.
action log command
Only log action commands. Don't log the command parameters.
action unlock
Unlock the client.
administrator add
Add a BigFix user as an administrator of the computer.
administrator delete
Remove a BigFix user as an administrator of the computer.
client certificate refresh
Force an update of the client certificate.
client restart
Restart the BES Client.
notify client
Make the client send a full refresh.
plugin store
Insert, update or delete a BigFix cloud plugin setting.
relay select
Make the BigFix client start a relay selection.
Restart the computer.
set clock
Synchronize the computer's clock with the BigFix server.
Set a BigFix client setting.
setting delete
Delete a BigFix client setting.
Shutdown the computer.