action uses wow64 redirection

By default and for ensuring the backward compatibility with 32-bit systems, the BigFix Agent operates in a 32-bit context for running actions. This means that the paths to your files are automatically translated by Windows into the 32-bit equivalent paths. This is the so-called wow64 redirection.

You can prevent the wow64 redirection when running actions by using the action uses wow64 redirection command with the false option. The to prevent wow64 redirection and . If you want the agent to run actions that avoid the wow64 redirection, then you can run the command action uses wow64 redirection false, which will avoid the redirection.

The action uses wow64 redirection command affects the behavior of the following action commands:

dos, delete, copy, move, open, run, wait (and their variants such as waithidden)

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Windows


action uses wow64 redirection <true|false>


To run the 64-bit version of notepad.exe in the system path, you can run the following command:

action uses wow64 redirection {not x64 of operating system}
run notepad.exe


This command is Windows-only. It will cause an action script to terminate on a Unix agent.