Runs a Windows command. If the command fails, the action script that contains it is terminated.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Windows


dos <command-line>


Delete an empty directory from a temporary folder in the windows directory:

dos rmdir /Q /S "{pathname of windows folder & "\temp"}"

Run scandisk.exe on the E: drive:

dos scandisk.exe e:


This command is Windows-only. It will cause an action script to terminate on a Unix agent.

On a Windows system, this has the same effect as issuing a system statement from the Windows API. It is also the same as typing the command line to a command prompt.

The dos command uses the PATH environment variable to locate the command on the user's hard drive. As with any other dos command, for other locations you must specify a complete pathname.

Be sure to use quotes if you have spaces in the filenames.