logged on user

These Windows and Macintosh inspectors return information about the currently logged-on user. With the advent of Terminal Services and Fast User Switching, these inspectors are designed to iterate over all logged on users. Windows Note: If Terminal Services are available (NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista) and enabled, these inspectors iterate over the active and disconnected sessions as returned by WTSEnumerateSessions. Disconnected sessions are those where a user logs on, but is currently inactive. On Vista, the non-interactive session 0 (used for services isolation) is not included. If Terminal Services aren't available, the ACLs on the security descriptor of the "winsta0" window station are examined for user logons. On Windows 9x systems, these inspectors return the user session associated with the registry value "Current User" of "SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control" if it exists. Otherwise, if a shell process process such as Explorer.exe is running, they return a single session associated with an unnamed user (which occurs when the user cancels the 9x login dialog).

Parent: user
Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Mac, Windows
8.2.1078.0 AIX, Debian, HP-UX, Red Hat, SUSE, Solaris, Ubuntu Raspbian


current user : logged on user
logged on user : logged on user
logged on user of <user> : logged on user


active of <logged on user> : boolean
activity history of <logged on user> : activity history
name of <logged on user> : string
process id of <logged on user> : integer
remote of <logged on user> : boolean
session id of <logged on user> : integer
session id of <logged on user> : string
tty of <logged on user> : string
user key of <logged on user> : registry key
user of <logged on user> : user