• On Windows, returns objects for all users of the computer, logged-in or not.
  • On Linux, returns logged-in users only. If a user is logged in from multiple terminals, the object appears multiple times in the returned results.
Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 AIX, HP-UX, Mac, Red Hat, SUSE, Solaris
8.1.535.0 Debian, Ubuntu, Windows


current user : user
domain user : user
domain user <string> : user
domain user of <active directory local user> : user
effective user of <process> : user
local user : user
local user <string> : user
user : user
user <string> : user
user of <logged on user> : user
user of <process> : user


account disabled flag of <user> : boolean
account expiration of <user> : time
accounts operator flag of <user> : boolean
active directory user of <user> : active directory local user
admin privilege of <user> : boolean
allowed workstations string of <user> : string
application parameter string of <user> : string
attribute <string> of <user> : user attribute
attribute of <user> : user attribute
bad password count of <user> : integer
code page of <user> : integer
comment of <user> : string
communications operator flag of <user> : boolean
country code of <user> : integer
domain of <user> : string
full name of <user> : string
guest privilege of <user> : boolean
home directory drive of <user> : string
home directory folder of <user> : folder
home directory of <user> : folder
home directory of <user> : string
home directory required flag of <user> : boolean
id of <user> : integer
id of <user> : string
interdomain trust account flag of <user> : boolean
last logoff of <user> : time
last logon of <user> : time
locked out flag of <user> : boolean
logged on user of <user> : logged on user
logon count of <user> : integer
logon script of <user> : string
logon server of <user> : string
maximum storage of <user> : integer
name of <user> : string
no password required flag of <user> : boolean
normal account flag of <user> : boolean
password age of <user> : time interval
password change disabled flag of <user> : boolean
password expiration disabled flag of <user> : boolean
password expired of <user> : boolean
primary group id of <user> : integer
primary group id of <user> : string
profile folder of <user> : string
script flag of <user> : boolean
server operator flag of <user> : boolean
server trust account flag of <user> : boolean
temporary duplicate account flag of <user> : boolean
tty of <user> : string
user comment of <user> : string
user id of <user> : integer
user id of <user> : string
user privilege of <user> : boolean
winrt package of <user> : winrt package
workstation trust account flag of <user> : boolean