activity history

The <activity history> inspectors keep track of the activity of a single logged-on user. You may iterate over all logged-on users and get the history for each user separately. User information is purged at log off and power off/client off, even if the user immediately logs back in. These inspectors retrieve information within a tracking window (defaulting to 14 days) or, if the window is still open, the start of that window. Information is in the form of a list of (interval, state) tuples. The first element of the list is the current state of the system. The event lists are fetched from the client each time 'activity history' is referenced, so you should avoid referencing these inspectors more than once in a relevance statement. Note: Activity tracking only works while the Client UI is running. These inspectors only work with Windows 2000 or better.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Windows


activity history of <logged on user> : activity history