The DMI inspector exposes system data made available by the Desktop Management Interface. It does not return information for the Solaris local zones and paravirtuals. This inspector is not available on S/390 architectures and Apple M1 systems.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Red Hat, SUSE, Windows
8.1.535.0 Debian, Ubuntu Solaris Mac


dmi : dmi


additional_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi additional_information
additional_information of <dmi> : dmi additional_information
b32_bit_memory_error_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi b32_bit_memory_error_information
b32_bit_memory_error_information of <dmi> : dmi b32_bit_memory_error_information
b64_bit_memory_error_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi b64_bit_memory_error_information
b64_bit_memory_error_information of <dmi> : dmi b64_bit_memory_error_information
base_board_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi base_board_information
base_board_information of <dmi> : dmi base_board_information
bios_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi bios_information
bios_information of <dmi> : dmi bios_information
bios_language_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi bios_language_information
bios_language_information of <dmi> : dmi bios_language_information
built_in_pointing_device <integer> of <dmi> : dmi built_in_pointing_device
built_in_pointing_device of <dmi> : dmi built_in_pointing_device
cache_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi cache_information
cache_information of <dmi> : dmi cache_information
cooling_device <integer> of <dmi> : dmi cooling_device
cooling_device of <dmi> : dmi cooling_device
electrical_current_probe <integer> of <dmi> : dmi electrical_current_probe
electrical_current_probe of <dmi> : dmi electrical_current_probe
end_of_table <integer> of <dmi> : dmi end_of_table
end_of_table of <dmi> : dmi end_of_table
group_associations <integer> of <dmi> : dmi group_associations
group_associations of <dmi> : dmi group_associations
hardware_security <integer> of <dmi> : dmi hardware_security
hardware_security of <dmi> : dmi hardware_security
inactive <integer> of <dmi> : dmi inactive
inactive of <dmi> : dmi inactive
ipmi_device_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi ipmi_device_information
ipmi_device_information of <dmi> : dmi ipmi_device_information
management_device <integer> of <dmi> : dmi management_device
management_device of <dmi> : dmi management_device
management_device_component <integer> of <dmi> : dmi management_device_component
management_device_component of <dmi> : dmi management_device_component
management_device_threshold_data <integer> of <dmi> : dmi management_device_threshold_data
management_device_threshold_data of <dmi> : dmi management_device_threshold_data
memory_array_mapped_address <integer> of <dmi> : dmi memory_array_mapped_address
memory_array_mapped_address of <dmi> : dmi memory_array_mapped_address
memory_channel <integer> of <dmi> : dmi memory_channel
memory_channel of <dmi> : dmi memory_channel
memory_controller_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi memory_controller_information
memory_controller_information of <dmi> : dmi memory_controller_information
memory_device <integer> of <dmi> : dmi memory_device
memory_device of <dmi> : dmi memory_device
memory_device_mapped_address <integer> of <dmi> : dmi memory_device_mapped_address
memory_device_mapped_address of <dmi> : dmi memory_device_mapped_address
memory_module_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi memory_module_information
memory_module_information of <dmi> : dmi memory_module_information
oem_string <integer> of <dmi> : string
oem_string of <dmi> : string
on_board_devices_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi on_board_devices_information
on_board_devices_information of <dmi> : dmi on_board_devices_information
onboard_devices_extended_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi onboard_devices_extended_information
onboard_devices_extended_information of <dmi> : dmi onboard_devices_extended_information
out_of_band_remote_access <integer> of <dmi> : dmi out_of_band_remote_access
out_of_band_remote_access of <dmi> : dmi out_of_band_remote_access
physical_memory_array <integer> of <dmi> : dmi physical_memory_array
physical_memory_array of <dmi> : dmi physical_memory_array
port_connector_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi port_connector_information
port_connector_information of <dmi> : dmi port_connector_information
portable_battery <integer> of <dmi> : dmi portable_battery
portable_battery of <dmi> : dmi portable_battery
processor_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi processor_information
processor_information of <dmi> : dmi processor_information
system_boot_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi system_boot_information
system_boot_information of <dmi> : dmi system_boot_information
system_configuration_option <integer> of <dmi> : string
system_configuration_option of <dmi> : string
system_enclosure_or_chassis <integer> of <dmi> : dmi system_enclosure_or_chassis
system_enclosure_or_chassis of <dmi> : dmi system_enclosure_or_chassis
system_information <integer> of <dmi> : dmi system_information
system_information of <dmi> : dmi system_information
system_power_controls <integer> of <dmi> : dmi system_power_controls
system_power_controls of <dmi> : dmi system_power_controls
system_power_supply <integer> of <dmi> : dmi system_power_supply
system_power_supply of <dmi> : dmi system_power_supply
system_reset <integer> of <dmi> : dmi system_reset
system_reset of <dmi> : dmi system_reset
system_slots <integer> of <dmi> : dmi system_slots
system_slots of <dmi> : dmi system_slots
temperature_probe <integer> of <dmi> : dmi temperature_probe
temperature_probe of <dmi> : dmi temperature_probe
voltage_probe <integer> of <dmi> : dmi voltage_probe
voltage_probe of <dmi> : dmi voltage_probe