A <site> object is provided to access properties of Fixlet sites.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 AIX, HP-UX, Mac, Red Hat, SUSE, Solaris, Windows
8.1.535.0 Debian, Ubuntu Raspbian


current site : site
site : site
site <string> : site
site of <fixlet> : site


client folder of <site> : folder
evaluated of <site> : boolean
fixlet of <site> : fixlet
folder of <site> : folder
gather schedule authority of <site> : string
gather schedule time interval of <site> : time interval
group <integer> of <site> : site group
last gather time of <site> : time
masthead of <site> : file
name of <site> : string
profile of <site> : site profile
relevant fixlet of <site> : fixlet
relevant offer action of <site> : action
setting <string> of <site> : setting
setting of <site> : setting
site tag of <site> : string
site version list of <site> : site version list
subscribe time of <site> : time
type of <site> : string
url of <site> : string
version of <site> : integer