The <action> objects are the keywords associated with properties available for inspection during the execution of BigFix Actions.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 AIX, HP-UX, Mac, Red Hat, SUSE, Solaris, Windows
8.1.535.0 Debian, Ubuntu Raspbian


action : action
action <integer> : action
active action : action
relevant offer action of <site> : action


active count of <action> : integer
active line number of <action> : integer
active of <action> : boolean
active start time of <action> : time
complete time of <action> : time
constrained of <action> : boolean
constraint of <action> : integer
download failure of <action> : integer
exit code of <action> : integer
first active count of <action> : integer
group leader of <action> : boolean
header <string> of <action> : fixlet_header
header of <action> : fixlet_header
id of <action> : integer
last active line number of <action> : integer
last active time of <action> : time
last change time of <action> : time
offer accepted of <action> : boolean
offer of <action> : boolean
origin fixlet id of <action> : integer
parameter <string> of <action> : string
pending login of <action> : boolean
pending of <action> : boolean
pending restart of <action> : boolean
pending time of <action> : time
persistent constraint of <action> : integer
status of <action> : string
system constraint of <action> : integer
waiting for download of <action> : boolean


<action> as string : string