This filesystem object can inspect the propeties of an RPM (RPM Package Manager) package. Each package contains information about the program, including name and version.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Red Hat, SUSE
8.2.1078.0 AIX CentOS Oracle Enterprise Linux Amazon Linux 2


package <string> of <rpmdatabase> : package
package conflicting with <capability> of <rpmdatabase> : package
package installing <capability> of <rpmdatabase> : package
package of <rpmdatabase> : package
package providing <capability> of <rpmdatabase> : package
package requiring <capability> of <rpmdatabase> : package


architecture of <package> : string
conflict of <package> : capability
installed file of <package> : capability
name of <package> : string
obsolete of <package> : capability
provide of <package> : capability
require of <package> : capability
rpm version record of <package> : rpm package version record
signature keyid of <package> : string
unique name of <package> : string
version of <package> : version


<package> as string : string