A package can have capabilities that it requires, provides, obsoletes, or conflicts with. For instance, apache may require sh, and provide httpd. If you want to install apache, you will need to have sh in the RPM database. If you want to install a package that uses httpd, you will need to install apache.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Red Hat, SUSE
8.2.1078.0 AIX


capability <string> : capability
capability <string> of <rpmdatabase> : capability
conflict of <package> : capability
installed file of <package> : capability
obsolete of <package> : capability
provide of <package> : capability
require of <package> : capability


name of <capability> : string
relation of <capability> : string
version of <capability> : string


<capability> as string : string


<capability> contains <capability> : boolean