The date objects are the various inspectors that access the date types.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 AIX, HP-UX, Mac, Red Hat, SUSE, Session, Solaris, Windows
8.1.535.0 Debian, Ubuntu Raspbian


april <integer> of <integer> : date
august <integer> of <integer> : date
current date : date
date <string> : date
date <time zone> of <time> : date
date range end of <bes action> : date
date range start of <bes action> : date
december <integer> of <integer> : date
end date of <bes action> : date
expiration date of <bes product> : date
february <integer> of <integer> : date
first friday of <month and year> : date
first monday of <month and year> : date
first saturday of <month and year> : date
first sunday of <month and year> : date
first thursday of <month and year> : date
first tuesday of <month and year> : date
first wednesday of <month and year> : date
january <integer> of <integer> : date
july <integer> of <integer> : date
june <integer> of <integer> : date
march <integer> of <integer> : date
may <integer> of <integer> : date
normalized date of <fixlet_header> : date
november <integer> of <integer> : date
october <integer> of <integer> : date
september <integer> of <integer> : date
source release date of <bes fixlet> : date
start date of <bes action> : date
<string> as date : date
<time> as local date : date
<time> as universal date : date


day_of_month of <date> : day of month
day_of_week of <date> : day of week
day_of_year of <date> : day of year
extrema of <date> : ( date, date )
maximum of <date> : date
minimum of <date> : date
month of <date> : month
month_and_year of <date> : month and year
unique value of <date> : date with multiplicity
year of <date> : year


<date> as string : string


<date> < <date> : boolean
<date> <= <date> : boolean
<date> = <date> : boolean
<format> + <date> : format