bes unmanagedasset

The <bes unmanagedasset> inspectors provide access to externally sourced data, such as that resulting from Nmap scans on client computers. The results, such as OS, Device Type, Network Card Vendor, and Open Ports, are uploaded to the BES Server for storage and analysis. These inspectors provide a way to monitor and report on mobile or hand-held devices that are not traditional BES Clients, but instead use "microAgents" to report their status. For more information on currently supported devices, consult the BigFix support pages.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Session


bes unmanagedasset : bes unmanagedasset
current unmanagedasset : bes unmanagedasset


client installed flag of <bes unmanagedasset> : boolean
source of <bes unmanagedasset> : string