bes unmanagedasset field

The <bes unmanagedasset field> inspectors provide authors with access to the individual fields of various unmanaged assets. Each field consists of a name / value pair, analogous to BES properties. There are three types of fields:IdentifyingField: Each asset must have one IdentifyingField, such as a MAC Address, which is used to identify and correlate different reports from the same asset.FilterableField: These are displayed in the Console in both the Unmanaged Asset list and the unmanaged asset document, allowing sorting and filtering.NonFilterable: These are only displayed in the Unmanaged Assets document, and typically return a large amount of data, such as a list of vulnerabilities.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Session



editable flag of <bes unmanagedasset field> : boolean
filterable flag of <bes unmanagedasset field> : boolean