Client Relevance Guide

Here you find the information about the Inspectors that you can use to get information from the Clients in your deployment.

You can create and test your custom queries locally on the Client system using the Fixlet Debugger or on the Linux CentOS interactive sandbox available under Online Evaluator.

If you own a BigFix Lifecycle or a BigFix Compliance version 9.5 Patch 2 or later license, you can exercise your Client Relevance Language queries on the target clients also directly from the WebUI using the BigFix Query Application. For more information, click BigFix Query.

System Information
To query basic information about clients.
Folders and Files
To get information about what files and folders exist, and the contents of those files.
To query information in the Windows Registry.
To get information about ports that are open on clients.
To get information about installed applications.
To query information about running services.
To get information about users that are logged in.
Event Log
To get information from the Windows Event Logs.
To query Windows Management Instrumentation.