Core Inspectors

Begin learning about the syntax and constructs that are common to both the Client and the Session Relevance languages.

You can create and test your custom Relevance queries locally on the Client system using the Fixlet Debugger or on the Linux CentOS interactive sandbox available under Online Evaluator.

If you own an IBM BigFix Lifecycle or an IBM BigFix Compliance version 9.5 Patch 2 or later license, you can run your Client Relevance Language queries on the target clients also directly from the IBM WebUI using the IBM BigFix Query Application. For more information, click IBM BigFix Query.

To combine and manipulate strings.
To see what you can query about inspectors.
To query properties of objects.
Arithmetic Operations
To manage numbers and the most basic operators.
To convert types into other types.
To check if an object or one of its properties exists.
To create conditional relevance expressions.
To reduce duplication.
To run operations such as union and intersection.
To get specific entries in a list.
ANDs and ORs
To see how ANDs ans ORs binary operations apply to the Relevance Language.
To learn how to take advantages of using plurals to avoid errors.
To combine and manage compounds of objects of multiple types together.
To filter lists of values.
Parent Types
To understand property inheritance and how to address an object starting from its child.