Exporting to PDF

You can export content reports by using EvaluateRelevance to PDF. By default, Web Reports allows only 10 seconds for generating the PDF. If your reports are taking longer than that, you can adjust the wait, by completing the following steps:

  1. Include an element with id='wr_content_will_signal_completion' to your report, like this:
    <div id='wr_content_will_signal_completion'></div>
  2. When your report is ready to print, set the DOM property document.wr_content_complete to true with the following JavaScript:
    document.wr_content_complete = true;
  3. If the report never sets the document.wr_content_complete property, it times out after an hour and reports an error. To avoid delays with PDF generation, you can wrap your report in a try/catch block and, in the catch portion, set
    document.wr_content_complete = true