Software Developer Kit for Windows

BigFix makes available a software developer kit to help you set up and use your Client Compliance API solution on Windows systems. Starting from versions 9.2.12 and 9.5.7, the kit is available for download from the BigFix Enterprise Suite Download Center in the platform release Utilities section.

The kit contains the following files:

Software Developer Kit

The BigFix Client Compliance Configuration Fixlet site automates much of the manual configuration that is outlined in Configuring the components.

Double click the masthead (the .efxm file) to install the site and then deploy the Fixlet to the clients where you plan to run the Client Compliance API to set them up.

The Wizard included in the site can help you in generating your compliance documents.

Follow the instructions provided in the DOC file contained in the kit to configure the environment and start using this API and the COM module.