Logical Flow of an API call

This is how the API processing flows on a Client upon an API call request:

client compliance logic

  1. On the BigFix Client, the Client API adds a Compliance Request into the RequestDir. The Compliance Request contains one or more Compliance Expression Item.

    Each Client Expression Item is used to request the BES Client to evaluate the Relevance Expression.

    The Description and the Comment fields are used to add information useful for the Client API to correctly manage how the Relevance Result affects the BigFix Client status, for example, by issuing a quarantine state if a lack of compliance was found when running the Relevance Expression.

  2. The BES Client evaluates the Relevance Expression and saves its result in the Relevance Result field in the Compliance Response under the ResponseDir.

  3. The Client API accesses the Compliance Response and, based on the content of the Relevance Result, the Comments and the Description fields, takes the corrective actions, if necessary.