action parameter query

This command allows you to prompt the user that creates the action for the value of a parameter. This is typically used to prompt for setting values, file locations, or service names.

Parameter names may include blanks, and are case sensitive. The parameter name, description, and value must each be enclosed inside double quotation marks ".

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 AIX, HP-UX, Mac, Red Hat, SUSE, Solaris, Windows
8.1.535.0 Debian, Ubuntu


action parameter query "<name>" [with description "<description>"] [and] [with default [value] "<value>"]


Ask the user for the value of InstallationPoint when this action is taken. When the script is run, use the value of InstallationPoint as an argument to MyTool.exe:

action parameter query "InstallationPoint" with description "Please enter the location of the shared installation point:"
run MyTool.exe {parameter "InstallationPoint"}

Create a parameter that can turn 'Tips' on or off:

action parameter query "tips" with description "Enter 'on' or 'off' to control Fixlet tips." with default "on"
regset "[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BigFix]" "tips"="{parameter "tips"}"


While the action is executing, you can retrieve the action parameter value entered by the user with the parameter inspector. For example, in your action you could use relevance substitution:

run "{parameter "parameter name"}"

Relevance substitution is not performed on the action parameter query command line itself. This is because the command is interpreted in the BigFix Console before the action is sent out.