collect prefetch items

After files have been added to the prefetch queue by commands such as add nohash prefetch item and add prefetch item, this command tells the client to download those files and to not continue running the action until the files have been downloaded.

This command is typically used to retrieve a download plug-in or a set of files that can be processed by a plug-in. In this case, a file is first added to the prefetch list, collected, and then processed by a subsequent execute prefetch plug-in command, which might create a file containing additional downloads.

Each collect prefetch items command is treated as a synchronization point, causing the prefetch processing of the action to wait for the files to download before proceeding. Once the files are available, the action is reprocessed from the beginning. This allows the action to compensate for any files that may have changed due to altered conditions on the machine. The next command in the action will be processed only after the collect prefetch items command is executed and all files in the prefetch list have been downloaded.

The end prefetch block command does an automatic collection, ensuring that subsequent action commands will have the necessary files available.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 AIX, HP-UX, Mac, Red Hat, SUSE, Solaris, Windows
8.1.535.0 Debian, Ubuntu


collect prefetch items


Download the prefetch plugin myPlugIn.exe and run it to add more dynamic downloads to be prefetched.

begin prefetch block
parameter "ini"="{file "server_bf.ini" of site (value of setting "MyCustomSite") of client}"
add prefetch item name=myPlugIn.exe sha1=78ed0f73e7e34e0d0882dd453be0c5ac0f0913eb size=1240 url=http://mysite/plugin.exe
// collect the plug-in before continuing:
collect prefetch items
execute prefetch plug-in "{download path "myPlugIn.exe"}" /downloads "{parameter "ini"}" "{download path "urllist"}"
add prefetch item {concatenation " ; " of lines of download file "urllist"}
end prefetch block