Executable Files and Directories

The IEM CLI installed with the BigFix server installer as:

  • %PROGRAM FILES%\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\IEM CLI\iem.exe on Windows systems
  • /opt/BESServer/bin/iem on Linux Red Hat Enterprise V.5.0 (or later) systems

To run the IEM CLI executable on a system different from the BigFix server, copy the IEM CLI executable and the libBEScrypto_1_0_0_4 library into the same directory on the target machine.

IEM CLI Data Directory

The IEM CLI uses a local directory, named .iem for local caching. This directory contains:

  • A configuration file.
  • A directory tree of cached server certificates.
  • The BigFix CLI session credentials.

By default the .iem directory is created in the user profile directory:

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\BigFix on Windows systems
  • /usr/{user} on Linux systems. This means that, by default, a single OS user can use only a single BigFix account.

If you want to allow a single OS user to connect using different BigFix accounts, set the IEM_DATADIR environment variable to save the session credentials in a different location.

If a console is installed on the local Windows machine, any server certificate that was trusted by the console is implicitly trusted by the CLI as well.