What is New in the BigFix Version 11 Inspectors

This page lists the added or extended inspectors starting from BigFix Version 11.

Version 11 Patch 1 Added Inspectors

A new client inspector named uinteger was created to support the unsigned integers.

For details, see uinteger

Version 11 Patch 1 Extended Inspectors

A new client inspector named user count was added to support the new "User" metric available for BigFix Workspace licenses.

For details, see bes product

Version 11 Extended Inspectors

The Perl Compatible Regular Expressions syntaxes, introduced with BigFix Platform 10.0.8 and available on the Windows client, are now also supported on several Linux platforms. The added inspectors are named case insensitive perl regex, case insensitive perl regular expression, perl regex and perl regular expression.

For details, see regular expression