The Firewall inspectors allow you to view the settings of the Windows Firewall on Windows Clients. By inspecting the firewall properties, you can determine which applications have access to unsolicited traffic and how the firewall is configured for various subsets of your network. The Windows Firewall is supported on Windows XP SP2. For more information, search for 'Windows Firewall API' at the MSDN site (

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Windows


firewall : firewall


current profile type of <firewall> : firewall profile type
local policy modify state of <firewall> : firewall local policy modify state
local policy of <firewall> : firewall policy
profile type of <firewall> : firewall profile type
rule group currently enabled <string> of <firewall> : boolean
rule of <firewall> : firewall rule
service restriction of <firewall> : firewall service restriction