running task

This group of inspectors is built on top of the Windows Task Scheduler (see the MSDN reference). They only work with the 2.0 interface (Win 7, Vista and Server 2008). The scheduler allows tasks to be run according to various criteria. These inspectors provide information such as the name and action(s) of each running task.These inspectors are for the 2.0 interface only.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Windows


running task : running task


current action of <running task> : string
disabled state of <running task> : boolean
engine pid of <running task> : integer
instance guid of <running task> : string
name of <running task> : string
path of <running task> : string
queued state of <running task> : boolean
ready state of <running task> : boolean
running state of <running task> : boolean
unknown state of <running task> : boolean