registry key value

The <registry key value> inspectors are used to access values stored within a registry key. All values have sizes and types. All of the values of a registry key have names except one, and it is called the 'default value'. The type of the data stored in the value determines what casting operations are allowed. We have implemented several casting inspectors that you can use to extract values from the registry.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Windows


default value of <registry key> : registry key value


parent key of <registry key value> : registry key


<registry key value> as application : application
<registry key value> as file : file
<registry key value> as folder : folder
<registry key value> as integer : integer
<registry key value> as string : string
<registry key value> as system file : file
<registry key value> as system x32 file : file
<registry key value> as system x64 file : file
<registry key value> as time : time