The property type represents an inspector property in the Relevance Language. This is a form of reflection that allows you to see what inspectors are available and how to use them.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 AIX, HP-UX, Mac, Red Hat, SUSE, Session, Solaris, Windows
8.1.535.0 Debian, Ubuntu Raspbian


property : property
property <string> : property
property <string> of <type> : property
property of <type> : property
property returning <type> : property
property returning <type> of <type> : property


dependency known of <property> : boolean
direct object type of <property> : type
index type of <property> : type
multivalued of <property> : boolean
plural name of <property> : string
result type of <property> : type
singular name of <property> : string
usual name of <property> : string


<property> as string : string