The <processor> inspector is used to identify the number and properties of processors in the system. Many operating systems support multiple CPUs and processors. You can inspect any one of them by their ordinal number. On Linux, most of these inspector properties look into the /proc/cpuinfo file to find the requested information.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 AIX, HP-UX, Mac, Red Hat, SUSE, Solaris, Windows
8.1.535.0 Debian, Ubuntu Raspbian


main processor : processor
processor : processor
processor <integer> : processor


adjustment <integer> of <processor> : integer
altivec of <processor> : boolean
architected of <processor> : boolean
bogomips of <processor> : integer
brand id of <processor> : integer
brand string of <processor> : string
capability of <processor> : integer
coma bug of <processor> : boolean
cpuid level of <processor> : integer
cpus configured of <processor> : integer
cpus reserved of <processor> : integer
cpus standby of <processor> : integer
cpus total of <processor> : integer
decimal fpu of <processor> : boolean
extended family of <processor> : integer
extended feature mask of <processor> : integer
extended model of <processor> : integer
f00f bug of <processor> : boolean
family name of <processor> : string
family of <processor> : integer
family of <processor> : string
fdiv bug of <processor> : boolean
feature mask of <processor> : integer
flag list of <processor> : string
fpu exception of <processor> : boolean
fpu of <processor> : boolean
fputype of <processor> : string
hlt bug of <processor> : boolean
ic snoop of <processor> : boolean
id of <processor> : integer
index of <processor> : integer
lpar adjustment of <processor> : integer
lpar characteristics of <processor> : string
lpar cpus configured of <processor> : integer
lpar cpus dedicated of <processor> : integer
lpar cpus reserved of <processor> : integer
lpar cpus shared of <processor> : integer
lpar cpus standby of <processor> : integer
lpar cpus total of <processor> : integer
lpar name of <processor> : string
lpar number of <processor> : integer
machine name of <processor> : string
machine serial number of <processor> : string
mmu of <processor> : boolean
model name of <processor> : string
model of <processor> : integer
model of <processor> : string
revision of <processor> : string
run mode of <processor> : string
sep bug of <processor> : boolean
sequence code of <processor> : string
smt of <processor> : boolean
spe double of <processor> : boolean
spe float of <processor> : boolean
spe of <processor> : boolean
speed of <processor> : hertz
state of <processor> : string
stepping of <processor> : integer
type of <processor> : integer
type of <processor> : string
vendor name of <processor> : string
version of <processor> : string
vm adjustment of <processor> : integer
vm control program of <processor> : string
vm cpus configured of <processor> : integer
vm cpus reserved of <processor> : integer
vm cpus standby of <processor> : integer
vm cpus total of <processor> : integer
vm name of <processor> : string
wp of <processor> : boolean