Pkginfo is an object containing information about Solaris packages, which are used to deliver patches. Pkginfo contains information about the category, the intended architecture, vendors, patch IDs and revision numbers. Other package information can be inspected using the "param" property which lets you access other parameters by name.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Solaris


pkginfo <string> of <pkgdb> : pkginfo
pkginfo of <pkgdb> : pkginfo


arch of <pkginfo> : string
category of <pkginfo> : string
name of <pkginfo> : string
param <string> of <pkginfo> : string
patch <string> of <pkginfo> : patch
patch id <string> of <pkginfo> : string
patch id of <pkginfo> : string
patch of <pkginfo> : patch
pkginst of <pkginfo> : string
vendor of <pkginfo> : string
version of <pkginfo> : string


<pkginfo> as string : string