The <drive> object is available to inspect these aspects of the file system.

Version Platforms
8.0.584.0 Windows


drive : drive
drive <string> : drive
drive of <filesystem object> : drive


file system type of <drive> : string
file_supports_encryption of <drive> : boolean
file_supports_object_ids of <drive> : boolean
file_supports_reparse_points of <drive> : boolean
file_supports_sparse_files of <drive> : boolean
file_volume_quotas of <drive> : boolean
folder <string> of <drive> : folder
free space of <drive> : integer
fs_case_is_preserved of <drive> : boolean
fs_case_sensitive of <drive> : boolean
fs_file_compression of <drive> : boolean
fs_persistent_acls of <drive> : boolean
fs_unicode_stored_on_disk of <drive> : boolean
fs_vol_is_compressed of <drive> : boolean
name of <drive> : string
numeric type of <drive> : integer
root folder of <drive> : folder
total space of <drive> : integer
type of <drive> : string
volume of <drive> : string