Creates a binary string from the hexadecimal notation. The string must contain only the characters 0-9 and a-f. For example:

  • Q: binary_string "82a4"

returns binary string of 2 bytes, the first byte contains 0x82, second byte contains 0xa4.

Version Platforms AIX, Debian, Mac, Red Hat, SUSE, Session, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows Raspbian


binary location of <filesystem object> : binary_string
binary name of <filesystem object> : binary_string
binary pathname of <filesystem object> : binary_string
binary_string <string> : binary_string
data of <osxvalue> : binary_string
<string> as binary_string : binary_string
<string> as fxf binary_string : binary_string
<string> as local binary_string : binary_string
<string> as utf16 binary_string : binary_string
<string> as utf8 binary_string : binary_string
<uuid> as binary_string : binary_string


application <binary_string> : application
binary_substring <( integer, integer )> of <binary_string> : binary_substring
binary_substring <binary_string> of <binary_string> : binary_substring
file <binary_string> : file
folder <binary_string> : folder
length of <binary_string> : integer
percent encode <binary_string> : string
position of <binary_string> : binary position
representable in <string> of <binary_string> : boolean
representable in utf16 of <binary_string> : boolean
representable in utf8 of <binary_string> : boolean
representable of <binary_string> : boolean
representation in <string> of <binary_string> : string
uuid <binary_string> : uuid


<binary_string> as fxf string : string
<binary_string> as hexadecimal : string
<binary_string> as local string : string
<binary_string> as string : string
<binary_string> as utf16 string : string
<binary_string> as utf8 string : string


<binary_string> starts with <binary_string> : boolean