SELinux Boolean

<SELinux Boolean> object represents an SELinux Boolean setting. The following relevance shows the list of Booleans and their current statuses similar to the result of running getsebool -a command.

  • Q: (name of it, current status of it) of selinux booleans
  • A: allow_ypbind, False
  • A: allow_smbd_anon_write, False
  • A: allow_saslauthd_read_shadow, False
  • A: allow_rsync_anon_write, False
Version Platforms Debian, Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu


selinux boolean : SELinux Boolean
selinux boolean <string> : SELinux Boolean


current status of <SELinux Boolean> : boolean
name of <SELinux Boolean> : string
pending status of <SELinux Boolean> : boolean