Dashboard API content structure

The Dashboard API is based on HTML and XML.

The XML defines hooks into the console or Web Reports and it has a single primary section that holds HTML.

The HTML section in turn can contain anything that a browser can render. In addition to the basic browser environment, there is a library of JavaScript hooks available to provide access to various functions.

The content that is embedded in the HTML section is typically a mix of JavaScript-Dojo-jQuery or Adobe Flex, and Relevance expressions that are evaluated with the JavaScript function EvaluateRelevance or with the <?relevance expression ?> tag. As soon as they are received, the results of the evaluation are embedded directly into the page and displayed on the BigFix Console. For more information, access Relevance in dashboards.

The document can also specify how your dashboard is attached to the console UI, for example as a menu, a list, or an item on the navigation bar. Dashboard documents can also be linked to or from other documents. They can be imported or exported and used by internal or external Fixlet sites.