Action Status Messages

Actions might report the following statuses back to the BigFix Server while processing on the client:

Not Reported
No report on this action yet. No report has yet been received from the endpoint for the action taken. We cannot confirm if the action has been propagated, mirrored, gathered, processed, or reported until this status changes to something else.
The action executed successfully. The BigFix Client has run the action and the relevance is now false (meaning that the action ran and fixed the issue).
The action is currently running.
Evaluating relevance and action constraints. The BigFix Client has received the action targeted at it and will evaluate the action to see if it is time to run, the issue is still relevant, and so on.
The action has completed and no other actions are required.
The action failed. The BigFix Client has run the action and the issue is still relevant (even if the action ran successfully). Note that in the cases of patches, 'Failed' usually means the patch file was run, but failed to actually patch the computer.
The action was canceled by the user. The user clicked the "cancel" button when prompted with a message box.
Download Failed
A required download failed.
This computer is locked. The BigFix Client is in the "Locked" state that prevents it from running actions until unlocked
The BigFix Client is waiting for some condition to be able to run the action. The waiting conditions include: waiting for user input, waiting to retry after failure, waiting for a time/date range, waiting for a distribution time, waiting for a user to log in, and waiting until the custom constraints property becomes relevant.

  • Action has failed and is waiting before trying again.
  • Waiting on action dependency.
  • Waiting to run in specified time range.
  • Waiting until the action start time.
  • This computer is not licensed.
  • Waiting to satisfy temporal distribution time constraint.
  • Waiting for active user condition.

Pending Downloads
Waiting for downloads to be mirrored. The BigFix Client is waiting to receive the complete file. This state will persist until the download is available on the BigFix Server -> BigFix Relay -> BigFix Client.
Pending Restart
Waiting for restart to complete action. The action was completed, but the action status of 'Fixed' or 'Failed' cannot be assessed until the computer is restarted.
Pending Message
Waiting for user to respond to message.
Pending Login
Waiting for user to log in.
The computer doesn't meet the specified retrieved property constraint.
The user postponed execution of this action.
Invalid Signature
The client was unable to verify the signature on this action.
Not Relevant
The Fixlet that this action addresses is not relevant on this machine. Before running the action, the BigFix Client checked the relevance for the action and it is no longer true or the BigFix Client checked the expiration time for the action and it is passed. Note that any intermediate status reported by a client for the actions that were not started is overwritten with "Not Relevant" at the expiration time. This is also true for a multiple action group and its component actions. For instance, if a component action of a multiple action group that was not started has reported the status of "Disk Job Limited", then, at the expiration time the final status of the multiple action group and its component actions becomes "Not Relevant".
Pending Offer Acceptance
Waiting for user to accept this offer.
Offers Disabled
No user is able to accept this offer.
Disk Limited
The download size exceeds the maximum value set in the client setting _BESClient_Download_PreCacheStageDiskLimitMB, which can be modified through the Edit Computer Settings dialog.
Disk Free Limited
The remaining disk space is smaller than the value set in the client setting _BESClient_Download_MinimumDiskFreeMB. For the download to complete, space must be cleared on the endpoint, or the client setting must be changed using the Edit Computer Settings dialog.
Hash Mismatch
The download completed, but the file failed a hash comparison. To troubleshoot, investigate the network between the agent and its parent to eliminate network problems.
Transcoding Error
The action failed transcoding from the deployment codepage.
Pending Client Restart
Waiting for client restart to complete action.
  • An unknown error occurred.
  • The Fixlet context is missing or invalid.
  • Invalid site context. The Fixlet site might no longer exist.
  • Invalid action content: the action is empty.
  • Invalid action content: the action type is invalid.
  • Invalid action content: the action script contains a syntax error.
  • This action contained invalid download syntax.
  • The download manager encountered a configuration error.
  • This action was not executed for unknown reasons.
  • This action was run, but could not be restarted due to a client UI translation error.
  • This action was not executed due to an error encountered while translating the client UI elements.
  • This action was not executed due to an error showing the client UI.
  • This action failed to complete because the Management Extender plug-in reported an error.
  • This action was not executed because the operator who created it is not an administrator of this client.

Note: After an action expires, the action status is no longer updated.