BigFix Developer

This is the official repository of information for developing BigFix content, and it is tailored to satisfy the needs of both beginner and expert content developers.

If you are new to BigFix customization, start your navigation by clicking Getting Started.

Navigate the entries in the main toolbar to access all the available documentation and media about:

  • The Relevance Language for retrieving and manipulating information defined on clients or collected and stored in the BigFix database.
  • The Action Script Language for running configuration activities on clients and remediating lack of compliance.
  • The REST API for running operations available on the BigFix console from outside the console.
  • Other APIs for creating custom dashboards, implementing your reporting solution, and integrating with external applications on client systems.
  • The Tools, available with BigFix, useful for developing your custom BigFix solution.

Do not forget to read carefully the known best practices. They can help you to create your custom solution in a simpler and safer way by following a consolidated path.